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Running10th of July 2019

Top 7 Tips to Prepare for your First Trail Running Event

Trail running is very different from running on flat pavement or roads; it's tougher on the feet, harder on the body and brings with it a whole new set of injury risks. So, from my experience (and mistakes) in training, here are my top 7 tips to prepare you for your first trail running event.

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Footwear3rd of July 2019

Top Tips for Choosing Hiking Footwear

Wearing the right things on your feet when hiking can mean the difference between a fantastic day out and a painful, terrible one. Knowing what are the right things to put on your feet is the first step to an incredible hiking experience.

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News5th of June 2019

Should I See A Doctor Or Podiatrist?

So something is wrong with your feet or legs - something that isn't just a niggle that might go away in a few days! When should you see a doctor and when should you come straight to your Podiatrist to get the problem fixed?

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News4th of June 2019

How To Choose A Podiatrist

Perhaps you’ve sustained an injury, put up with pain for long enough, or it has been suggested to you by a health professional that it’s time to go and see a Podiatrist. Unless you receive a great referral or recommendation from someone, how do you know who is the best Podiatrist for you?

Treatments30th of May 2019

What You Need To know About Orthotics

Have you ever been sold a pair of orthotics and were not really sure why you needed them or how they would help you? There is a lot to know when thinking about using orthotics so read on for the information you know before choosing a foot orthotic.

News31st of March 2019

Management Plans - How We Are Different

We see too many clients who have sought help for their foot and leg problems only to be left confused and unsure as to what to do next. This is why we develop clear, written management plans for all our clients to provide absolute clarity about what is needed to get better fast.

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Common Foot Problems21st of March 2019

I Just Sprained My Ankle: What Should I Do?

We see many clients come into our clinic experiencing ongoing ankle instability and pain after having a sprain. So what SHOULD you be doing if you experience an ankle sprain?

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Common Foot Problems12th of March 2019

My Heels are Dry and Cracked- Help!!!

As summer comes to an end, there are many people with dry, cracked heels wondering why their skin has suddenly gotten so bad and what they can do to make it better. Keep reading to see my top tips on getting your feet smooth again!

Family Foot Health7th of February 2019

I Have a Foot Wart. What Should I Do?

At Complete Podiatry, we help many people suffering from warts on their feet. These viral infections of the skin can be painful and spread easily between family members.

Sports14th of January 2019

How to Avoid Injuries With Exercise

Knowing how to avoid exercise-induced injuries is vital to keep you training regularly and help you live a long, healthy life. Here are our top 5 tips to help avoid exercise-induced injury

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Family Foot Health8th of January 2019

Children's Orthoses - How We Are Different

Choosing to use orthoses to treat your child's foot and leg problems should be based on clinical need, not financial ability. Complete Podiatry now offers GAP FREE* orthoses to all the children we treat. It's just another example of how we are trying to find better ways to help the families we care for.

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News17th of December 2018

Meet Alex!

I'd like all of our amazing clients and friends to help us welcome Alex Taylor to the Complete Podiatry Team! Alex starts working with us in January so let's all make him welcome and help him settle in.

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