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Chronic musculo-skeletal pain, tendon pain or heel pain can significantly reduce your mobility and quality of life!

At Complete Podiatry we pride ourselves on providing the newest, most advanced services and technology to our clients.  This is why we have decided to invest in Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) for our clients.


What is ESWT?

ESWT is a modern, highly effective treatment method where high-energy sound waves are introduced into the painful areas of the body. With this innovative treatment, pathological alterations of tendons, ligaments, capsules, muscles and bones can be eliminated systematically.

Radial pressure waves are generated by compressed air. The compressed air is used to drive a projectile in a cylinder, located inside the handpiece, to a shock transmitter. The kinetic energy generated by the motion and weight of the projectile, converts into acoustic energy when the projectile hits the shock transmitter. The acoustic pulses then spread into the underlying tissue,

ESWT is an excellent non invasive treatment method with very few negative side effects, for indications that normally are very difficult to treat. For these indications we now know that radial pressure waves.

Treatment Protocol

A set of three treatments spaced 1 week apart is initially recommended with another set of three treatment to follow depending on the condition being treated.

Side Effects

Side effects - if any - usually appear within 2 days of the treatment having been performed, they usually fade and disappear after 3-5 days. The most common side effects include: reddening, swelling, pain, worsening conditions, hematoma and petechiae (red spots). We do not repeat a treatment if previous side effects have not diminished. 

If you have any questions about this great treatment service, talk to us, we are here to help.