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A pain in the toe

An in-grown toenail (onychocryptosis) occurs when the edge of your toenail penetrates and breaks the skin of your toe.  This can be painful and often results in an infection, swelling, pain and redness in the area.

Your in-growing tonail may have developed after a trauma to your nail, it may be caused by the shape of your toenail or even by something as simple as cutting your toenail the wrong way.

To operate or not operate?

Not everyone requires surgery for their in-grown toenails.  Sometimes correct cutting of the nails is the best way to treat an ingrowing nail.  

However, if the condition results in ongoing infections or is unable to be managed conservatively, then surgery may be required

Toenail surgery involves the permanent removal of the part of your toenail that is in-growing.  The amount of nail that is required to be removed depends on the severity of your in-growing nail.