Heel Pain

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Heel pain most commonly occurs when the plantar fascia (the long ligament under your foot that helps to support the arch) is repeatedly over-stretched and becomes damaged or when there is too much impact stress on the fatty tissue under the heel bone.

Heel pain may be caused by many other reasons such as trauma, fractures, spurs, nerve entrapments and bone tumors.

Heel pain may develop after a sudden increase in levels of activity, increased weight gain and also a change in footwear or work environment.  

Pain commonly occurs about the inside of the heel and is worst first thing in the morning, after rest and may get worse with activity.  

At Complete Podiatry our experts will advise you of your diagnosis and treatment options after performing a thorough history taking, biomechanical assessment and discussing your goals for your treatment. 


Your heel pain can really restrict your ability to do the things that are important to you.

Don't miss out on life because of your heel pain. Contact Complete Podiatry to fix your heel pain.