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How to Fix Ingrowing Toenails

 Ingrowing toenails can be a terribly painful foot problem that can significantly affect your quality of life and perform your normal day to day activities.


You really have two options for treating an ingrown toenail:

  1. Conservative care
  2. Surgical treatment.

Conservative Treatment of Ingrowing Toenails

Conservative care of an ingrowing nail involves removing the cause of the irritation; the piece of nail digging into the skin and managing any infection present.

This can easily be done by our expert Podiatrists in a relatively painless way.

If the toe is extremely painful, however, we can always offer to use a local anesthetic to numb the toe before starting treatment. 

Surgical Treatment of Ingrowing Toenails

If conservative care fails to relieve to the problem or if the ingrown nail gets infected regularly, surgical treatment may be required.

At the beginning of the surgery, your Podiatrist will inject a local anaesthetic into the toe to make it numb.

Once you can feel no pain, they will remove the edge of the nail and then “kill off” the growing point at the base of the nail to stop the nail edge regrowing.

Surgery for an ingrown nail is a relatively simple procedure done in the clinic however, it is important to remember that any surgery has risks.

An ingrown toenail is a fairly simple problem to deal with if managed early.

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