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 Computer Designed Foot Orthoses

Prescription foot orthoses are a custom-made in-shoe device prescribed and designed by your Podiatrists and are used to treat a range of medical conditions.

Your Podiatrist may prescribe foot orthoses to manage pain and the abnormal stress that is causing your foot and leg problems.

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We design your orthoses using the latest in 3-dimensional digital scanning technology and constructed with state-of-the-art computer-assisted manufacturing processes.

How Do Foot Orthoses Work?

Foot orthoses work by altering the way ground forces affect your feet, legs and body.

Once damaging forces are lowered in stressed bones or soft tissues, they can begin to heal and re-establish normal function without pain.

How Long Will I Need to Wear Orthoses For?

You may need to wear orthoses for a short time to resolve your symptoms or you may need to wear them over a longer period of time to help maintain the correct balance of forces in your feet and legs.

Can I Wear My Orthoses Straight Away?

Your orthoses should feel comfortable straight away when you put them on.

Some people can wear their orthoses all the time from day one while others feel they need a more gradual wearing in time.

Your Podiatrist will discuss the best way to start using your orthoses.

What Happens If I Have Problems?

Your new orthoses may need some adjusting to make them completely comfortable and work in the best way for you.

If you have any problems, just contact your Complete Podiatrist straight away.

Will My Orthoses Fit Into All My Shoes?

Some of your current shoes may be contributing to your foot problems.

As part of your treatment plan, your Podiatrist will discuss the shoes that will be most appropriate for you and your activities.

When buying new shoes, always try them on with your orthoses.

Your Podiatrist can supply you with the names of shoe stores that carry a range of shoes that fit orthoses.

How Often Should I Get My Orthoses Checked?

Our bodies change with time and due to this your foot orthoses prescription may also need changes.

It is recommended that you have your orthoses checked every 12 months to ensure they are still providing you with the maximum therapeutic benefit.

Children need their orthoses checked more regularly as their feet are changing and developing all the time.

If your child had changed 2 shoe sizes, they should have their orthoses checked to make sure they are still receiving the benefits of their prescription foot orthoses.

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