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Treatments12th of August 2019

Can Shockwave Treatment Fix My Foot Pain?

We see many clients every day suffering from foot and leg problems at Complete Podiatry. Our advanced Shockwave therapy involves specialist equipment using high energy sound to promote more effective regeneration and repair of damaged tissues.

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Family Foot Health29th of October 2018

Here's What You Should Know About Growing Pains

When your children experience pain in their legs it can be a real source of worry. Here is what you need to know about growing pain in young children.

News12th of April 2017

Shockwave Therapy

Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT) is a modern and highly effective treatment method: high-energy sound waves are introduced into the painful areas of the body. With this innovative treatment, pathological alterations of tendons, ligaments, capsules, muscles and bones can be eliminated systematically.

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