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Footwear3rd of July 2019

Top Tips for Choosing Hiking Footwear

Wearing the right things on your feet when hiking can mean the difference between a fantastic day out and a painful, terrible one. Knowing what are the right things to put on your feet is the first step to an incredible hiking experience.

Sports14th of January 2019

How to Avoid Injuries With Exercise

Knowing how to avoid exercise-induced injuries is vital to keep you training regularly and help you live a long, healthy life. Here are our top 5 tips to help avoid exercise-induced injury

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Treatments20th of July 2018

Podiatry Exercises and How We Are Different.

Does your Podiatrist use exercise prescription as part of your management plan? Learn how we do things differently at Complete Podiatry and how we help build healthy lives from the feet up.

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