Foot Orthotics - How We Are Different

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Foot Orthotics - How We Are Different

Every week I see clients come into my clinic with a bag of orthotics that have not worked for them.

I had been frustrated with the orthotic results I got for my clients until many years ago when I found a better way to design and make orthotics.

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The Problem With Most Orthotics

Foot orthoses are an excellent way to help fix problems caused by overloading of joints, bone, muscle, and ligaments in the body.

Many Podiatrists still use the old-fashioned technique of taking a plaster mold of the foot and sending this to a lab where a technician then makes the orthotic.

I have a real problem with this method as it puts about 90% of the design and manufacture process into the hands of someone who has never seen your feet.

A lab tech has never seen you walk, run and move and has never talked to you about the problems you are experiencing so why should they be designing your orthotic!

This problem drove us to find a better way to do things.

Better Orthotics Through Better Technology

After researching all the available technology and orthotic labs we found what we were looking for.

The technique we use at Complete Podiatry to design and manufacture your orthoses follows the 5 steps below.

  1. Our Podiatrists conduct a thorough biomechanical examination to find the cause of your foot and leg problems
  2. If orthoses are recommended, we will use a 3D laser scanner to capture a digital model of your feet
  3. Your Podiatrist will design your orthoses using state of the art design software based on the 3D model of your feet
  4. The finished orthotic design will be emailed to our lab where the orthotic will be direct-milled using a CADCAM machine
  5. Our expert lab technicians buff out the machine marks and cover the orthotic as per our instructions and return them to our clinic 

Orthoses Are Our Passion

I love working with clients to get their orthotics just right. 

I have seen so many people receive amazing benefits from the appropriate use of correctly designed and manufactured foot orthoses.

I'm so confident I can help you with designing the right orthotics that I'd love to chat with you personally; it's what I'm passionate about!

Just enter your details in the field below and a rough time that you'd like me to contact you & I'll be more than happy to explain how we can help you get the best results from your foot orthotics!


Yours in helping to build healthy lives from the feet up,

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