How to Prepare for a Fun Run

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How To Prepare For A Fun Run

Preparing for your first Fun Run needs to be done properly to reduce your risk of injury and get you to the finish line.

Here are my top 5 pieces of advice to get you ready for your first Fun Run and help you reach the finish line with a smile on your face.


I see too many clients who limp into our clinic that are having problems reaching the health and fitness goals they want to achieve.

For some, that goal might be to walk comfortably and safely to the shops and back.

For others, their goal it to be able to kick the footy with the kids again.

While for many more, they have set themselves the goal of doing their first fun run and need help to get there.

Running in your first fun run is an exciting goal to have, however, you need to make sure your body is ready to help you achieve your goal safely.

Here are my top 5 pieces of advice for getting you ready for your first fun run.  

1.  Sign up for early

Find an event you like the look of and sign up early. Give yourself the maximum amount of time to prepare yourself for the run.

2. Assess your current fitness level

Before taking on any increase in physical activity, see your GP to check your current health level.

Make sure you know of any underlying health issues that may affect your training plan.

3.  Make a plan for your training

Taking the time to set up a training plan early is an important part of keeping fit and healthy leading up to a Fun Run.

A slow, incremental increase in the amount of running you do each week needs to occur to prepare your body for the stress of running a long distance.

Adding some strength training to your exercise plan can really help reduce your injury risk during training.

If you are not sure what strengthening exercises will help, see your Podiatrist for help.

4. Invest in the right pair of running shoes

Think of a great pair of running shoes as an investment in your future health.

The right running shoes should fit your feet well, feel comfortable from the moment you put them on and be appropriate for what you want to do in them.

Research shows that having 2 or more pairs of different running shoes can greatly reduce your risk of injury when running regularly.

5. Get any small problems checked early

Big problems often start as small problems.

However, they only become big problems when we ignore them and “push through” the pain as we tell ourselves “it’ll go away”!  

Get small foot and leg niggles checked by your Podiatrist early to make sure these don’t retail your training plan.

Your feet are the only contact you have with the ground when running (AND during most other activities) so they need to stay healthy and pain-free.

It’s great to have goals that challenge us.

Signing up for and running in your first fun run should be an exciting experience.

If prepared for correctly, your first event could set you up for a lifetime of better health and a new passion for running.

I'm so confident I can help you that I'd love to chat with you personally about preparing for your first Fun Run, it's what I'm passionate about!

Just enter your details in the field below and a rough time that you'd like me to contact you & I'll be more than happy to explain how we can help prepare you for your first event and keep you running for years to come!


Yours in helping build healthy lives, from the feet up,

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