What Is The Best Running Shoe for Me?

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What Is The Best Running Shoe For Me?

Everyone wants to know what are the best sports shoes they should buy.

It's a really good question to ask given the HUGE variety of shoes on the market these days.


For many years, athletic shoe manufacturers and retailers have focused on pronation (a normal movement in the foot) as the deciding factor of how to pick a shoe.

  • If you "over-pronate" you get a "motion controlling shoe".
  • If you "under-pronate" you get a "cushioning shoe".
  • If you have "normal" pronation you get a "neutral shoe".

I apologise for the scare quotes here, but in reality, none of this is supported by the research evidence.

What Does The Evidence Say?

Firstly there is no "normal" amount of pronation and therefore, no such thing as over or under-pronation.

Secondly, shoes do not control motion.

It may look like this when you look at someone moving on a treadmill (a common sales pitch by some retailers).

Research, however, suggests the foot continues to move inside the shoe despite what the shoes look to be doing.

So how do you buy a pair of Sports Shoes?

Here are my top 3 tips to get you into the best running shoe:

1. Buy a shoe that fits YOUR foot shape.

There are so many shoes out there with so much variation even within brands, you will be unlucky not to find one that fits your foot shape.

2. Buy the shoe that feels right to YOU. 

Comfort is supremely important to help keep you moving the best way you can.

If the shoes do not feel comfortable (even if a retailer says it is the "right shoe for you"), don't buy it.

3. Buy a shoe that suits what YOU WANT TO USE IT FOR. 

Different shoes are designed for different conditions and different sporting movements.

If you want to walk or run on roads or footpaths, buy a road running shoe.

If you want to enjoy the trails, buy a trail shoe.

Do you play netball? Buy a netball shoe. 

I'm so confident I can help you that I'd love to chat with you personally about your footwear choices; it's what I'm passionate about!

Just enter your details in the field below and a rough time that you'd like me to contact you & I'll be more than happy to explain how we can have you moving in the best shoes for you!


Yours in helping to build healthy lives from the fet up,

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