Our Core Values

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Our Core Values core-values.jpeg

Every day we come to work to help build healthy families, from the feet up.

At Complete Podiatry, our Core Values are the way we have decided to practice to make sure we perform the best way we can in a respectful and honest way. 

1. Be The Trusted Advisor

  • Only ever give the best recommendation for how to get clients better.
  • Put people first, not profits.
  • Communicate clearly, openly, honestly and proactively.
  • We continually educate and inform our clients, our community and ourselves.

2. Find A Better Way

  • We seek growth in our knowledge and personal lives, every day.
  • We value learning and education.
  • We develop relationships with health professionals who share our values to get the best results for you.
  • We do more with less.

3. Be Awesome Every Day

  • We pursue excellence for the sake of excellence.
  • Dot all the ‘I’s, cross all the “T”s and tick every box, every day.
  • Treat everyone as though they are family
  • Live and work with an abundance mindset

4. Live on the Extra Mile

  • Be the person that makes the difference.
  • Give clients an experience they want to talk about at the dinner table
  • Exceeding expectations is our normal.
  • Promise small but deliver big